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Class Descriptions (Alphabetically)

  • Advanced Ukulele Building : Daniel Hulbert aka Circuits & Strings
    Learn about the advanced tools and techniques that go into constructing a ukulele. Topics will include: ukulele electronics and pickups, wood bending, neck shaping, and building a solid body (steel string) electric ukulele.
  • Basic Ukulele Building : Daniel Hulbert aka Circuits & Strings
    Learn about basic tools, resources, along with other tips and tricks of ukulele building. Gain the knowledge to build fretboards, make a cigar box ukulele, and even build the famous “Altoids ukulele”.
  • Bridging the Gap : Craig Chee
    A fun workshop that will help push your playing to the next level! Filled with exercises and techniques that will strengthen your fingers and open up different ways of playing. It will help knowing your C major scale coming into it but not required.
  • Clawhammer Strumming : Diane Kirkpatrick
    If you are tired to playing the “same old, same old” strum and don’t know where to turn, try learning a banjo-style clawhammer technique. This highly rhythmic strum pattern works well with all types of songs and is a natural fit for the ukulele. Classic rock songs, from the 60s and 70s, taught by Steve Butler, founder of the Utah Ukulele Association.
  • Gospel of Uke : Bill & Cheryl
    Bill and Cheryl Stephens and Scot Gilbert have compiled a great sing-a-long
    featuring over 20 gospel songs, spirituals and hymns.  This class is open to
    everyone, including non-ukulele players that just want to sing.  Bring your
    ukulele, banjo, mando, guitar, etc., or just your voice and have a great time
    singing the Gospel of Uke. ALL LEVELS.
  • Intermediate Blues Ukulele : Max Willard aka Ukupelli
    In this class you will learn how to finger pick an old time blues classic called Blue Monk. We will learn the intervals of thirds and sixths then how to fingerpick them to play this great old blues tune. Come ready to jam. For this class you will need to know the names of the strings and some basic chord knowledge.
  • Intro to Slide Ukulele : Michael Stone of MacNichol Guitars
    Slide ukulele is easier than it looks. In this workshop, learn about different slide materials, basic slide technique, and alternate tunings to add a new dimension to your playing.
  • The Percussive Side of the Ukulele : Craig Chee
    It’s easy to forget how much of a percussive instrument the ukulele can be! This workshop will push you and your instrument to a whole new level. Using chunks (or scratches), mutes, golpe (hitting the face of the ukulele with your finger) and some fancy strums, we will end up with a whole new way of playing by the end of the workshop!
  • Ukulele Maintenance : Michael Stone of MacNichol Guitars
    Utah’s climate is tough on wooden ukuleles. Learn methods for keeping your ukulele properly humidified, fretboard conditioned, and how to remove smudges and fine scratches.
  • Ukulele Rock : Steve Butler
    It’s time to rock! Smoke on the Water by Deep Purple, Bad Moon Rising by Creedence Clearwater Revival, Born to be Wild by Steppenwolf, and Joy to the World (Jeremiah was a Bullfrog) by Three Dog Night. Learn some classic rock songs from the 60s and 70s from Steve Butler, founder of the Utah Ukulele Association.
  • Ukulele Setups : Michael Stone of MacNichol Guitars
    Is your ukulele set up properly for ease of play, ideal tone, and intonation? Learn the basics of string height, nut slots, and saddle compensation. Each participant will receive one coupon for a free ukulele set up at MacNichol Guitars.
  • Ukulele Tricks : Tommy Connor
    Composer and ukulele soloist Tommy Connor originally hails from Cork, Ireland. This series of classes offers easy to learn tricks and techniques for the average player. Take it to the next level with melodic strumming, creative use of the pick, thumb-only melodies, creative fingering, and more. Tommy’s classes empower the average player to immediately add some interest to their performance while simultaneously offering advanced students some challenging material (open string phrasing, Celtic ornamentation, harmonics, etc.).

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