Open Mic Contest & Ukulele Picnic

March 24th 1927 - Actresses Joan Crawford & Dorothy SebastianSend an email to to get info on the 2013 fest as soon as it is available.


This year’s Open Mic Contest & Ukulele Picnic will take place in front of American Fork Historic City Hall (less traffic noise) at 12:30pm on Saturday June 15th. Only 20 spots available! Coming to watch? Bring your pop-up lawn chairs and a picnic lunch.

2013 Lineup

  1. Stacey Cole
  2. Taylor Wall
  3. Zoe Phillips
  4. Noah Jones
  5. Landon Andrews
  6. Steve Baugh
  7. Robert Johnson
  8. Ezra Mayor
  9. Mason Mac
  10. Dinh Vo & Tina Tran
  11. Gabriel Valladares
  12. Julene Jorgensen
  13. Scott Packer
  14. Scot Gilbert
  15. Adrienne Tew Miller
  16. Vicki & Scott Thorpe
  17. Jackie Lee & Doug McKean
  18. Albert Nguyen
  19. Henry Nguyen

To sign up for the Open Mic, send a link to a video of you or your group playing the ukulele (singing is optional) to (we’ll take the first 20 qualified entrants – we just want to make sure you can play the instrument). Any spots left open will be available for sign up the day of the open mic (by lottery if there are too many).

You should be prepared to perform 1 song. You must attend the Open Mic and perform to win. Winners will be announced immediately after the Open Mic based on the judges’ scores. Judges’ decisions are final. One of this year’s judges is Craig Chee, our headlining artist for the 2013 festival.

2012 MP Eddy Finn Open Mic Contest & Ukulele Picnic

MP Custom Tenor

An MP Custom Tenor will be the grand prize at the MP Eddy Finn Open Mic

Thanks to all who made it a great event! The MP Eddy Finn Open Mic and Ukulele Picnic took place on Saturday July 28th from Noon-2pm at Robinson Park in American Fork, UT.

Each of the 20 participants received a prize. The grand prize was a custom, hand-built tenor ukulele valued at $985 (donated by MP Ukulele). Additional prizes from Eddy Finn Ukuleles included the EF-22-C Bamboo Concert Ukulele with Hippie Gig Bag, 2 Minnow Ukuleles, as well as tuners, frisbees, t-shirts and more.


  1. Lauren Woodbury
  2. Esther Kim
  3. Kim Weiss
  4. Daniel Hulbert : Daniel won Second Place!
  5. Emma & Max : EMMA was our Grand Prize Winner!
  6. Emily Miller
  7. Albert Nguyen & Emilio Camu
  8. Christopher McAfee
  9. Mary Cox Rocks
  10. Din Vo
  11. Scot Gilbert
  12. Maui Sibbett
  13. Plum
  14. Robert B Johnson
  15. Audrey Andrus
  16. JoAnn Kaiser | Five Ladies
  17. Henry Nguyen + 1
  18. Johndel Yarisantos


Eddy-Finn-Bamboo-Ukulele-EF-22The EF-22-C Bamboo Concert Ukulele

Bamboo is one of the oldest and most renuable woods on the planet and it’s use in the construction of the EF-22 ukes is ideal in many ways. It’s light weight and strength give the uke a tighter, louder tone. Plus? Premium grade bamboo with a high gloss finish just plain looks cool!

The MP Custom Tenor

Tropical walnut back & sides; sinker redwood top; zebrawood bindings, rosette and position markers; ebony fingerboard & bridge. Great tone and lots of volume, a newly redesigned tenor with a bigger body, modified bracing and a classical tie bridge.

MP Custom TenorMP Custom TenorMP Custom TenorMP Custom TenorMP Custom TenorMP Custom Tenor