AIN’T MISBEHAVIN’ (Fats Waller Cover)
Posted for educational purposes only.

Chords in this song: C 0003, C#dim7 0101, Dm 2210, G 0232, C7 0001, F 2010, Fm 1013, Am 2000, G7 0212, E7 1202, A7 0100 & D7 2223

Reading the above fret number chord diagrams for standard ukulele gCEA tuning:
1st digit = g string fret number
2nd digit = C string
3rd digit = E string fret number
4th digit = A string fret number

[C] No one to [C#dim7]walk with
[Dm] All by my[G]self
[C] No one to [C7]talk with
But [F]I’m happy [Fm]on the shelf
[C] Ain’t misbe[Am]havin’
[Dm]I’m savin’ [G7]my love for
[E7]you [A7] [D7] [G7]

[C] I know for [C#dim7]certain
[Dm] The one I [G]love
[C] I’m through with [C7]flirtin’
It’s [F]just you I’m [Fm]thinkin’ of
[C] Ain’t misbe[Am]havin’
[Dm]I’m savin’ [G7]my love for
[C]you [Fm] [C] [E7]

[Am] Like Jack Horner
[F] In the corner
[Am] Don’t go nowhere
[A7] What do I care?
[G] Your kisses [Am]are worth
[D7]waitin’ [G7]for
[A7]Be[D7]lieve [G7]me

[C] I don’t stay [C#dim7]out late
[Dm] Don’t care to [G]go
[C] I’m home a[C7]bout eight
Just [F]me and my [Fm]radio
[C] Ain’t mis[Am]behavin’
[Dm ]I’m savin’ [G7]my love for
[C]you [Fm] [C]

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