Ukulele Books

  • Ukulele books by M. Ryan Taylor can be found on the main page of These include celtic session tunes, Christmas collections, two-chord songbooks and more.

Instrumental Tablature with Standard Notation

  • First Melodies for Ukulele : 18 familiar tunes to help folk get started with tablature. Includes tablature and staff notation so you can get to know the notes on your fretboard better at the same time.
  • Chopsticks (Ukulele Tablature Solo) : The Celebrated Chopsticks Waltz.
  • Kingsfold (Ukulele Tablature Solo) : This famous tune has been used for hymn-texts such as “If You Could Hie to Kolob,” “O Sing a Song of Bethlehem” & “I Heard the Voice of Jesus Say.”
  • March of the Spiders (Ukulele Tablature Solo) : An instrumental from my larger work, The Giant’s Heart.
  • The Spirit of God (Ukulele Tablature Solo) : One of my favorite hymns from the LDS tradition.

Individual Ukulele Songs

Ukulele Chord Charts for GCEA Standard Tuning

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