Ukulele Angel Ornament on Amazon

Ukulele Angel Ornament on Amazon

First off, here is a free version of “O Holy Night” with the words, melody, and ukulele chords:

A premium version of this ukulele arrangement (for advanced beginners and intermediate players) with suggested fingerpicking and strumming patterns in tab and traditional notation, as well as melody, words and chords can be downloaded through tradebit. There is also an optional bass part for duos or ukulele ensembles. A preview is available on these pages:

This arrangement was created for the Utah Ukulele Circle which meets in American Fork on Tuesday nights. We performed it twice in 2011; Christmas in the Rotunda at American Fork Library and at Heritage Care Center a couple of days later for the old folks there. I added the Bass Part for future use, as I’m also a bass player.

Merry Christmas!

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