If you’ve been reading the blog lately, you’ll know I’ve been working on memorization. I started work on this song a couple weeks ago and wanted to get this out for Palm Sunday and just barely made it (lyrics and chords below the video – twitter me covers @mryantaylor – just 4 chords!). Hope you have a lovely Easter week. YouTube at https://youtu.be/SIOpUwD4xaI and audio at https://uke-n-me.bandcamp.com/track/cry-out-cry-out (for sharing). Hope you enjoy it!

Cry Out, Cry Out
Music & Lyrics by M. Ryan Taylor

{Verse 1}
I was [C]born to this [Am]world by blood and [F]water, [C]
Yet the [C7]world turned my [F]heart into a stone, [Am]
In the [C]darkness I [Am]called on my Re[F]deemer, [C]
Where the rock once op[Am]pressed me a new [F]heart has grown. [C]

[C]Cry out, cry out, lift your [F]palms to the [C]sky,
Cry out, cry [C7]out, sing and [F]let your voice [C]fly!
The Kingdom is [Am]coming on the [F]wings of a [C]Dove,
Cry out, cry [C7]out, sing the [F]praise of His [C]love.

{Verse 2}
Hear Him [C]calling these [Am]stones to be his [F]children, [C]
See the [C7]wonder of [F]what they will become, [Am]
Feel the [C]cool of the [Am]Fount of Living [F]Water [C]
As they shout and sing [Am]praises to the [F]Holy One. [C]


{Verse 3}
Come and [C]lift up your [Am]praise, ye broken [F]hearted, [C]
Come and [C7]lift up your [F]sorrows to your King, [Am]
Ev’ry [C]sorrow He [Am]turns to hymns of [F]gladness, [C]
Lay them down at His [Am]feet and feel the [F]music ring. [C]

Copyright © 2017 M. Ryan Taylor | Vocal Works Publishing


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