Today my weekly Two Trees ukulele youth class went over the classic camp song, I Love the Mountains. The repeating chord pattern is a great one for beginners. We also talked about transposition and bringing the song up from the key of C (which is easy, but I find a little low for my voice) to the key of F. I took some shots of the white board and thought I’d pass them along.

Note that some versions of the song use the pattern C-C-Am-Am-Dm-Dm-G7-G7 instead of C-C-Am-Am-F-F-G7-G7. This would translate in the key of F to F-F-Dm-Dm-Gm-Gm-C7-C7 instead of F-F-Dm-Dm-Bb-Bb-C7-C7 and as Gm is easier than Bb for beginners it might be the way to go.

DSC06462 DSC06463 DSC06464 DSC06465 DSC06466

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