“[Blue Skies] was composed in 1926 as a last-minute addition to the Rodgers and Hart musical Betsy… [It] was an instant success, with audiences on opening night demanding 24 encores of the piece…” ~Wikipedia

There are a boatload of chords in this song and some unusual progressions that come off as fresh but not weird (might be why it has stood the test of time so well – I particularly like the Cadd9 followed by the Daug). Here are the chords and their frettings:

[G 0232] [G7 0212] [C6 0000] [C7 0001] [Gsus4 0233] [Bm 4222] [F# 3121] [F#7 3424] [D7 2223] [B7 2322] [Em 0432] [Baug 0332] [C#m7b5 0102] [Cadd9 0005] [Daug 3225] [Bb7 1211] [Cm7 3333] [Cm 0333] [Eb7 3334]

Reading the above fret number chord diagrams for standard ukulele gCEA tuning:
1st digit = g string fret number
2nd digit = C string
3rd digit = E string fret number
4th digit = A string fret number

Blue Skies by Irving Berlin


[G]I was [G7]blue, just as
[C6]blue as [C7]I could [G]be [Gsus4] [G]
[G]Ev’ry [G7]day was a
[C6]cloudy [C7]day for [G]me [Gsus4] [G]
[Bm]Then good [F#]luck came a
[F#7]knocking at my [Bm]door [D7]
[G]Skies were [G7]gray, but they’re
[C6]not gray [C7]any[G]more [B7]

[Em]Blue skies [Baug] smiling at [G]me
[C#m7b5] Nothing but [G]blue skies [Cadd9]
[Daug]do I [G]see [B7]
[Em]Bluebirds [Baug] singing a [G]song
[C#m7b5] Nothing but [G]bluebirds [Cadd9]
[Daug] all day [G]long

[G]Never saw the [Bb7]sun
[Cm7]shining so [G]bright
[Cm]Never saw [G]things
[Eb7]going [D7]so [G]right
[G]Noticing the [Bb7]days
[Cm7]hurrying [G]by
[Cm]When your in [G]love
[Eb7]my how [D7]they [G]fly [B7]

[Em]Blue days [Baug] all of them [G]gone
[C#m7b5] Nothing but [G]blue skies [Cadd9]
[Daug] from now [G]on [Gsus4] [G]

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