This is mainly a bit of random trivia, but if I asked you what month of the year is the ukulele most popular, wouldn’t you choose a Summer month? Would you believe that if you use Google Trends to track the term ukulele (click for detailed data) that you’d find that December is consistently, year after year, the time when people are searching for info on ukuleles? Could it be this is just when people are searching for ukuleles as gifts for Christmas? or is it possible that people need a little ukulele time in the dead of winter? I’d probably go with the Christmas theory.

Ukulele Interest

The next most popular time of year for the ukulele is the Summer months (which seems to make sense to me) with the Fall dipping to the low point for the year (perhaps because folks are busy with the business of getting back to school?).

Anyway, I just found this regular pattern (it almost looks like a musical waveform) so interesting that I felt inspired to share. I’d love to hear what other people think of the pattern; please feel free to propose your theories in the comments section below.

Also, anyone hazard a guess as to what caused that uncharactaristic spike in June of 2011 that disrupts the regular pattern?

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