The Haunted Ukulele

!The Haunted UkuleleA Monster Collection of 59 Spooky Songs : Covering Disasters, Murder Ballads, Gruesome Tongue Twisters, Ghostly Rags, Depressing Folk Songs, Weird and Humorous Tales of the Macabre, Halloween Songs for Kids, Never-Before-Seen Originals, and other completely obscure classic and novelty songs appropriate for making audiences shriek with terror and laughter. All for less than 17 cents a song, get the . . .

The Haunted Ukulele playlist features demo recordings I’ve made for 44 of the 59 songs in the book. See the contents below the video box for individual songs. These recordings have also been released on Bandcamp.

You can find a number of reviews at Amazon. The book has also been reviewed at Ukulele & Languages, Circuits and Strings and Ukulele Awesomesauce.

The Haunted Ukulele : Compiled, Edited, Composed or Arranged by M. Ryan Taylor of : Contents (click a song for a video demo)